Giving Season Is Coming ... Is Your Organization Prepared?

What: FREE GuideStar Webinar

Date: August 23, 2017

Time: 2 p.m. ET

Barrett Frankel, Account Manager,;
Eva Nico, Senior Director of Programs, GuideStar;
Gabe Cohen, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, GuideStar (moderator)

The countdown to the end of the year is on!

Americans donated more than $379 Billion in 2016. Some 30 percent of those donations made online were made in the month of December alone. Without proper preparation,your organization could find itself missing out on much-needed funds.

With more than $177 million raised on Giving Tuesday, preparation prior to the giving season is vital to the success of organizations of all shapes and sizes. With proper planning and execution, you can reach tens of millions of potential donors without spending a penny.

Join us on Wednesday, August 23, at 2 p.m. EDT for an interactive webinar that will help you create your giving season action plan.

On this webinar you'll learn:

    • How to plan, execute, and follow up on your dream giving season campaign
    • How to inspire your community to take action for your cause
    • What donors want to know before they give and what scares them off
    • How to maximize your giving season potential with your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile
    • From examples of nonprofits that pulled off effective giving season campaigns

Webinar Presenters

Barrett Frankel-2.jpgBarrett Frankel

Barrett is a Lead Account Manager who works with Classy's nonprofit partner organizations to help them tell compelling stories, identify and engage their base of support in meaningful ways, execute robust fundraising campaigns, and raise essential dollars.

After spending over 10 years working in various industries within the nonprofit sector, Barrett knows what truly drives conversions, compels someone to take action, and strikes a chord with supporters—and it’s not having the most social media fans/followers. It’s how well you plan and execute your fundraising strategy, and how you connect with, engage, and involve the heart-beating people you’re telling your story to, all while conveying the impact of their support back to them.

Eva Nico.jpgEva Nico

Eva is GuideStar’s in-house expert on nonprofit strategy and evaluation issues. She works with nonprofits and GuideStar’s product team to define programs and features that help individuals and organizations make better decisions. Her goal is to have over 100,000 nonprofits share their full story using the GuideStar Profile. In her role, Eva also advocates for greater transparency and use of data among nonprofits and for solutions to address the “The Overhead Myth”.   She has over 12 years of experience in strategic planning and evaluation in the social sector, having worked on complex social issues in health, education, and community vitality at FSG Social Impact Advisors and McKinsey & Company. Eva has a B.S. in Physics from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford University.


Gabe Cohen

Gabe Cohen is the senior director of marketing and communications for GuideStar. Gabe implements and oversees strategic marketing and communications plans to advance GuideStar’s brand identity; broadens awareness of its programs and priorities; and increases the visibility of its programs and thought leadership across key stakeholder audiences.

Gabe is the marketing lead for major GuideStar initiatives including the Overhead Myth, GuideStar for Grant Applications, and encouraging nonprofits to update their GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.

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