Small, But Mighty: Seven Ways Small Nonprofits Can Boost Their Performance

What: FREE Webinar

Date: June 6, 2018 

Time: 2-3:30 p.m. ET 


  • Debra B. Natenshon, Founder, DBN & Associates, L3C
  • Karen Walker, Evaluation Consultant to Nonprofit Organizations
  • Sara Block, President of the Board of Directors, SHALVA
  • Carol Ruderman, Executive Director, SHALVA
  • Adrian Bordone, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, GuideStar (Moderator)

The journey to high performance is for nonprofits of all sizes, and it’s worth the trip!

Now more than ever, performance matters for small nonprofits. In this Small, But Mighty webinar, you’ll learn how small nonprofits can deploy seven principles of high performance to create more meaningful, measurable change.

You’ll discover how smaller nonprofit organizations have used the Leap Ambassadors Community’s Performance Imperative (PI) framework for social-sector excellence, including:

  • What is the definition of high performance?
  • What is the Performance Imperative and how can it help you boost performance?
  • What are the seven pillars of high performance?
  • How are small nonprofits using the PI to implement specific, proven steps to help move their organizations forward?

Speakers Debra Natenshon and Karen Walker will be leading the discussion and drawing upon examples from their framework, Small, But Mighty: The Performance Imperative for Small Nonprofits. The leaders at SHALVA, Sara Block and Carol Ruderman, will provide an insightful case study of the impact it can have on a small nonprofit.

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Webinar Presenters

Debra B. NatenshonDebra B. Natenshon

Debra is a national expert and influential social-sector thought leader who guides motivated leaders toward high performance. Through DBN & Associates, L3C, Debra facilitates processes to define social change based on verifiable client results, designing and implementing continuous improvement practices.

As an active member of the Leap Ambassadors Community, she initiated and co-led the effort that resulted in Small, But Mighty: The Performance Imperative for Small Nonprofits.

Karen WalkerKaren Walker

Karen Walker, Ph.D., is a sociologist and expert in the evaluation of social-service programs, with a particular focus on program implementation, how organizations can best support their programs, and how community context matters to program success.

Currently a consultant to nonprofit organizations and an active member of the Leap Ambassadors Community, she initiated and co-led the effort that resulted in Small, But Mighty: The Performance Imperative for Small Nonprofits.

Sara BlockSara Block

Sara is currently the President of the Board of Directors of SHALVA, a domestic violence agency serving the Jewish community in the Chicagoland area. Sara is also the Domestic Violence Project Attorney at the Family Defense Center.

Sara received her J.D., magna cum laude, from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 2007 received her Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in American Studies from Northwestern University.

Carol RudermanCarol Ruderman

Carol Ruderman joined SHALVA as Executive Director in January 2014. Ruderman, a leader in the nonprofit sector, has more than 25 years of experience, specializing in fundraising, programming, administration, and board development.

At SHALVA, she leads the agency’s clinical, community education, and administrative staff in fulfilling SHALVA’s mission supporting Jewish women experiencing and healing from domestic abuse, through counseling, supportive services, and community education.

adrian-bordone-125x175.jpgAdrian Bordone 

Adrian Bordone is vice president, strategic partnerships, for GuideStar. Before joining GuideStar, Adrian co-founded Social Solutions, establishing the sector as a marketplace committed to using data to generate intelligence that improved results for individuals, families, and communities.

Small, But Mighty

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