GuideStar DonorEdge

What Is GuideStar DonorEdge?

GuideStar DonorEdge is a technology and knowledge platform that enables community foundations to encourage increased charitable giving and to promote awareness of local needs and issues to donors and the community.

How Community Foundations Benefit from GuideStar DonorEdge

Community foundations use DonorEdge as a tool to collect data directly from the nonprofits in their communities. The DonorEdge platform allows each community foundation to vet the data the nonprofits provide, then share, present, and package that information in several meaningful ways:

  • Online nonprofit profile
  • Printable nonprofit profile
  • Reports, presentations, and knowledge based on select data fields, nonprofits, sectors, etc.

The DonorEdge nonprofit profile contains four major areas of nonprofit effectiveness:

  • Programs
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Financials

These areas are critical to helping community foundations ensure grantmaking excellence, educate donors, and establish expertise within the community.

The community foundations that use DonorEdge make up the DonorEdge Learning Community.

The Donor Edge Learning Community and GuideStar

GuideStar and the DonorEdge Learning Community partnership is a collaborative learning exchange. The partnership includes sharing of resources, materials, best practices, operational strategies, and an annual meeting, in addition to regular communication and collaboration.

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