GuideStar DonorEdge

A fully customizable platform that improves donor engagement and charitable giving by building awareness of the organizations in your community


Strengthen Charitable Giving in Your Community



Deeper Understanding

Strengthen relationships between community foundations, donors, grant makers, and NPOs



Easier Due Diligence

Strategically expand and strengthen donor roles as philanthropic and community knowledge experts



Fully Customizable

Offer users a fully integrated web experience—match your existing Community Foundation website format & styling


What Our Customers Are Saying

GuideStar DonorEdge makes us stronger and better within the community—community members see the Foundation as a resource. If there are foundations thinking about GuideStar DonorEdge, we highly recommend it!




Sandi Vidal

VP, Community Strategy & Initiatives

Central Florida Foundation

Migrating our nonprofit database to the DonorEdge GuideStar platform went very smoothly. We are grateful for the GuideStar team and their expertise, guidance, and flexibility. Our nonprofit partners find the new DonorHouston visually appealing, functional, and easy to update.




Eileen Alexander

DonorHouston & Nonprofit Liaison

Greater Houston Community Foundation


The synchronization between the Giving Common and GuideStar is a game-changer. Nonprofits enter their information on the Giving Common, and it flows to GuideStar, eliminating duplicate effort for transparency. Many of our nonprofit partners also love the ‘Donate Now’ option for credit card giving.




Amanda Holm

Manager, Nonprofit Effectiveness

The Boston Foundation


DonorEdge Partners


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How Community Foundations Benefit

Community foundations use DonorEdge as a tool to collect and distribute data directly from the nonprofits in their communities. The DonorEdge platform allows each community foundation to vet the data the nonprofits provide, then share, present, and package that information to local donors and stakeholders in several meaningful ways


  • Online nonprofit profile
  • Printable nonprofit profile
  • Reports, presentations, and knowledge based on select data fields, nonprofits, sectors, etc.

Want more information?


    Yes, please!     

DonorEdge in Action



DonorEdge nonprofit profiles contain four major areas of nonprofit effectiveness:


How does the organization make a difference? 


Who are the leaders of the organization?


Who is on the organization's board?


What is the financial health of the organization? 






The Donor Edge Learning Community and GuideStar

GuideStar and the DonorEdge Learning Community partnership is a collaborative learning exchange. The partnership includes sharing of resources, materials, best practices, operational strategies, and an annual meeting, in addition to regular communication and collaboration.


Interested in a streamlined solution? 

GuideStar Local Nonprofit Directory is our more standardized platform for community foundations. It utlizes GuideStar's existing nonprofit database to offer an easy-to-integrate knowledge hub for your community. Contact Ashley Early, to learn more about the differences between GuideStar Local and DonorEdge.