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Custom Data Solutions is staffed by a team of non-profit data experts who understand the types of problems you are trying to solve and how to get you the insights you need quickly!

Select from hundreds of data fields available for more than 2.7 million nonprofits, both 501c3 organizations and those that fall outside that category. Our reputable nonprofit information comes from 8+ sources and is based on 25 years of historical data.

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Our Custom Data Services offer:

    • Nonprofit landscape analysis

      Do you need high-level insights on the sector? We can provide aggregated views that help you to understand the non-profit landscape along the dimensions you care most about—size, geography, cause area just to name a few.

    • Targeted intelligence

      Do you know the type of organizations you are looking for but aren't sure how best to find them? We can help you to identify those organizations and give you the key insights (people and compensation data, spending patterns, asset mix, top vendors, etc.) you need.

    • Identification services

      Do you have a list of organizations with some information but maybe not their EIN number? Give us your list and we'll use our match algorithm to send you a list of most closely matched organizations. From there you can take advantage of our enrichment services.

    • Enrichment services

      Do you have a list of the non-profits you want to know more about? We can get you the intelligence you need about those organizations—whether that’s the latest people and compensation data, financial information, programs, etc.—all tagged by NTEE code.

    • Charity status services

      Do you need to know the current status of a group of non-profits you are working with for grant making purposes? No problem—we can provide you with detailed reports on their current status.

    • Managed data services

      Does your business process require a steady stream of up-to-date intelligence? We can build a managed data solution that enables you to keep the data in your systems fresh daily, weekly, monthly—you decide.



Tell us your nonprofit data problem, we will create the right solution for you

We will give you a free high-level estimate based on your request, so you can make sure the data is exactly what you need before purchasing. Here are just a few ways we can tailor a dataset for you:

  • Personnel and vendors

    Number of employees, compensation, vendor name

  • Contact information

    Titles, email, phone number, physical address

  • Organization type

    Public charities, private foundations, business leagues, etc.

  • Geography


We also provide identification and enrichment services, charity verification, and managed data services.

Why leverage GuideStar’s data services over other data sources?

We’ve got:

  • A team of experts who understand the problems you are trying solve and how to make our data work for you
  • The most up to date information you will find on 1.7M active organization from over 10 different data sources
  • Calculated values that surface intelligence quickly and easily
  • Data dictionaries with business friendly terminology
  • Over 25 years of historic data on over 2.7M nonprofits
  • Dedicated technical support for Managed Data Solutions

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