GuideStar for Foundations

Is a lack of information about current or prospective grantees causing roadblocks that make your work more challenging?

GuideStar is proud to provide funders with the information they need on 2.7 million nonprofits in the United States. We are committed to collecting and delivering the highest quality of nonprofit data so you can make the best decisions about the organizations you choose to support.

Hundreds of foundations utilize GuideStar.

How can GuideStar help me avoid fraud?

We provide the tools to help you verify a nonprofit’s 501c3 status before you make a grant.

Charity Check

Pre-grant due diligence has never been so easy. Charity Check can help you determine nonprofit eligibility in seconds.

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GuideStar Pro

GuideStar Pro offers you the ability to verify an organization’s eligibility to accept tax-deductible contributions with GuideStar Charity Check, now built in.

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How can GuideStar help you pick good grantees?

We provide the tools for you to research applicant and/or grantee information including missions, financials, etc. as well as the ability to compare and identify prospective nonprofit grantees.

GuideStar Pro

GuideStar Pro provides advanced search and analysis tools so you can understand an organization’s financial health over time and compare one organization to another.

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How can GuideStar help me help my grantees?

We provide the tools to help you encourage your grantees to share information on the constituencies they serve and a platform to assist your grantees with their capacity building efforts.

GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Workshop

You can help your grantees with their capacity building efforts and maximize their GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles through an interactive profile training workshop. GuideStar staff will provide hands-on training on how to claim and update a GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to an identified set of your grantees.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Better diversity information will help us better understand the constituencies we serve, allow us to better evaluate the impact of our work, and monitor trends to guide future strategies. Your foundation can support GuideStar’s commitment to building data infrastructure for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit sector in a multitude of ways.

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How can my foundation integrate GuideStar data into my systems?

GuideStar provides foundations with the ability to integrate with our database through multiple channels.

Integrate your grant application process with GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G) makes grantmaking more efficient, saving your grantees time and making sure you have accurate information at your fingertips. With this functionality, a nonprofit’s information is pulled from its GuideStar Nonprofit Profile directly into your grant application. This easy-to-use functionality saves nonprofits time and ensures high-quality information for funders.

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Work with a Grants Management Vendor that integrates with GuideStar

There are a variety of Grants Management Vendors to choose from, but not all of them incorporate GuideStar data into their platform. We are proud to integrate with: Blackbaud Grantmaking, Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager, MicroEdge FIMS, SurveyMonkey Apply, and more.

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Integrate GuideStar search into your platform

Seamlessly incorporate the power of GuideStar’s database into your website and applications. Save time and keep your users on your site and in your apps with GuideStar application programming interfaces (APIs). Our Nonprofit APIs let you:

  • Embed a charity search into your website, intranet, and programs
  • Incorporate nonprofit data into an app or program
  • Verify the status of individual organizations or several nonprofits at once
  • Obtain public school information
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Offer a comprehensive nonprofit directory on my community foundation’s website

GuideStar Local Nonprofit Directory: Become the go-to resource for charitable giving in your area by integrating our comprehensive nonprofit directory into your website. With our Local Directory you can give your constituents:

  • In-depth nonprofit information- mission and programs, financials, operations
  • A searchable local nonprofit directory
  • Ability to explore nonprofits using multiple filters
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How can GuideStar help me access resources for foundations?

GuideStar offers a variety of resources for foundations including: free white papers for download, blog posts and in-depth case studies.

Check out our latest white papers

GuideStar experts along with other authorities in the field publish free white papers to share insights about issues affecting foundations, nonprofits, donors, and the sector as a whole.

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Read our Blog Posts

GuideStar staff and industry experts contribute articles daily to the GuideStar Blog ranging from the latest sector news, best practices, updates about GuideStar products, and tools for foundations and nonprofits. Popular topics include:

  • Content for Private Foundations
  • Overhead Myth
  • Impact and Effectiveness
  • DEI
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Check out our latest case studies

GuideStar conducts in-depth case studies with key foundation stakeholders to gain insight into now GuideStar aids in their efforts. Recent case studies include the Knight Foundation and The California Endowment.

Knight Foundation Case Study →

The California Endowment Case Study →

We are proud to partner with many of the leading organizations in the Foundation sphere.

We are grateful to our Philanthropic Partners whose support makes it possible for us to drive social change.