A new grant streamlining tool for your foundation clients.

GuideStar for Grant Applications makes grantmaking more efficient, saving grantees time and making sure grantors have accurate information at their fingertips. With this functionality, a nonprofit’s information is pulled from its GuideStar Nonprofit Profile directly into your client's grant applications.

Add value for your clients

Give your customers the information they need quickly and easily–and improve the efficiency of grantmaking throughout the sector. G4G pulls a nonprofit's information from its GuideStar Nonprofit Profile directly into their application in your grants management software.


When you offer this feature, you give foundations a tool they can use to:

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Help grantees save time and resources so they can better focus on their missions

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Improve accuracy in grant applications

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Streamline the application process for themselves

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Support efforts to share data across the sector


Current data is delivered in a convenient API

GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles include dozens of fields that nonprofits update regularly. The data fields are easily delivered to you via an API that you can integrate into your own system.


Data fields include:

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Organizational information

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Mission and impact statement

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Demographic coding

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Financial information

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   People/contact information

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Uploaded documents

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   IRS information

icon_check-mark-gx-bronze.svg   Diversity data


For a  complete list of the data fields, visit: The GuideStar Help Center

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Step 1

Nonprofits update their nonprofit profiles

Step 2

Foundations enable GuideStar for Grant Applications

Step 3

Nonprofits automatically populate grant applications