Now entering its fifth year, the Syrian civil war has sparked a refugee crisis now affecting regions across the Middle East and Europe. This year alone, more than 320,000 people have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety. During this same time, close to 3,000 refugees and migrants have died or gone missing, according to the UNHCR.

Nonprofits are on the scene. The following expert-recommended organizations are responding to the crisis. We've divided the list into two parts, nonprofits for which we have expert analysis and recommendations and those for which we do not. We've also linked to the organizations' profiles on GuideStar. We'll update the list as we learn of other nonprofits helping with this refugee crisis.

Expert-Recommended Nonprofits

To see the experts' comments on an organization in the list, click on the organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile link and look at the summary and impact tabs on their profiles.

Other Nonprofits