Hands holding a movie clapperboard printed with the GuideStar logoTutorials

Lights! Cameras! Action! For you visual learners out there, we now offer video tutorials and recordings of several of our Lunch & Learn sessions. We'll be adding more, so bookmark this page and check back often.

To view recordings of our webinars, go to our webinar archives page.

Everything You Wanted to Know About GuideStar But Were Afraid to Ask

Find out who we are, where we get our data, how to search for nonprofits on our site, and more. (29:33 minutes)

Highlights of IRS Form 990

Learn about the most valuable parts of the 990 in nice, bite-sized chunks that you can digest as your time and inclination permit. Or kick back and watch the entire tutorial straight through.

Full tutorial (32:48 minutes)

Prefer a less high-tech approach? Try our Highlights of IRS Form 990 handout.

GuideStar Charity Check

What's New in GuideStar Charity Check

In September 2011, we added three new features to GuideStar Charity Check, the only pre-grant due-diligence product that is 100 percent compliant with increasingly complex IRS requirements for grantmakers and institutional funders. (4:40 minutes)

GuideStar Data Solutions

GuideStar's Database of Information Customized for You

GuideStar information can be sliced and diced for a myriad of uses, from simple mailing lists to trend data to integration into your database. (20:49 minutes)

GuideStar Premium

You can do a lot with GuideStar Premium, one of our solutions for business users. Here are some of the ways GuideStar Premium can help you create sophisticated analysis and outstanding bottom-line results.

Benchmarking Nonprofits

Looking to compare different nonprofits based on financials and mission? Trying to figure out how your organization stacks up to other nonprofits in your peer group? We’ll show you how to benchmark nonprofits to evaluate what is best for your needs. (18:20 minutes)

How to Establish "Fair and Reasonable Compensation"

Learn about IRS regulations governing nonprofit executive compensation and how GuideStar Premium can help you determine if the salary and benefits a nonprofit offers are "fair and reasonable." (40:48 minutes)

Prospecting for Nonprofit Gold: Identifying New Nonprofit Markets

Are you looking for a new way to find leads in the nonprofit sector? We'll show you how GuideStar Premium can help you identify and qualify the appropriate leads for your services. (20:04 minutes)

Especially for Nonprofits

Charting Impact—What Is It?

What is Charting Impact? Why is it important to nonprofits, grantmakers, and donors? We'll walk you through ChartingImpact.org and show you how nonprofits can get started on answering Charting Impact's five questions. (28:53 minutes)