Dan Moore to Join GuideStar

Release date: December 3, 2002

Daniel Moore of the New Mexico Attorney General's Office will be joining GuideStar, the premier source of information on U.S. charitable organizations, as GuideStar's vice president of public affairs.

A nationally recognized speaker on nonprofit accountability and an instructor on nonprofit legal and ethical issues, Moore is the past president and a current board member of the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO).

"GuideStar has sparked a revolution in the not-for-profit community by making information about charitable activities widely available," Moore said. "Access to quality information is fundamentally reshaping giving decisions by donors of all types. GuideStar's success means not only better choices for donors but greater public benefit for our society as a whole. I had to say 'yes' to the opportunity to join this talented team in their pursuit of such a compelling mission."

Moore has served as registrar of charitable organizations in the New Mexico Attorney General's Office since November 1996. In addition to his work on the Registry of Charitable Organizations, he designed and implemented educational campaigns on giving wisely and the legal duties of nonprofit-board members. He led efforts to amend the state's Charitable Solicitations Act, drafted the regulations for implementing the act's provisions, and has been responsible for enforcing the act.

"We are pleased that a nationally recognized nonprofit accountability advocate has joined the GuideStar family to open our new office in Washington, D.C.," said Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of GuideStar. "As a NASCO leader, Dan Moore is known as a bridge builder and an innovator. We'll use these skills to strengthen existing relationships and to build new strategic partnerships. Dan will also help GuideStar launch new products and services to serve better the needs of donors, nonprofit executives, grantmakers, government regulators, and accountability watchdog groups."

As a member of the NASCO Board of Directors (since 1998) and as vice president (1999-2000) and then president (2000-2001), Moore has headed initiatives on using information technology to improve the effectiveness of state charity offices, the impact of e-philanthropy, and principles governing charitable solicitation via the Internet. He designed and oversaw the launch of NASCO's Web site, NASCOnet.

As GuideStar's vice president for public affairs, Moore will focus on strengthening current relationships and building new alliances with the many government and nonprofit organizations headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area.

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