New High-Tech Charity Screening Service Announce

Release date: March 24, 2003

Protects Corporate and Institutional Donations Against Terrorist Financing, Fraud, and Corruption; Regulatory DataCorp, ChoicePoint®, and GuideStar Announce Collaboration

Regulatory DataCorp, Int'l. LLC (RDC), ChoicePoint, and GuideStar announced today that they will offer a new global due diligence service designed specifically for the comprehensive screening of charities and charitable contributions. The new service, named "CharityGuardSM," will assist corporations and institutions in ensuring the integrity of their direct and "matching" charitable donations. CharityGuard will aggregate the technical, data, and sector expertise of the three companies to protect institutional donors against fraud, terrorist financing, diversion of funds, and corruption and ensure an unprecedented level of donor confidence. For the first time, donor institutions will be able to give with a high level of confidence and know that their gift will be used appropriately and not funnelled toward questionable or illegal activities.

The U.S. Department of Treasury's recently issued guidelines for charities include detailed due diligence measures for identifying recipient organizations using public information and matching them against government lists. Additionally, the October 2002 Task Force Report on Terrorist Financing sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations made several recommendations to extend the due diligence expected of financial institutions to foreign and domestic charities.

CharityGuard will provide institutional donors and foundations the ability to screen prospective charities against what is believed to be the most comprehensive, robust, and up-to-date risk-relevant database in the world. It will screen organizations and their chief executives and board chairpersons using domestic and international public government records, enforcement initiatives, regulatory filings, and reporting from leading news sources around the world. CharityGuard identifies potential risks and provides subscribers with a comprehensive report of risk-relevant information on potential donations.

Donor institutions will be able to achieve and document enhanced due diligence over their direct and matching charitable contributions on a world-wide basis. The proprietary technology developed by RDC will further permit institutional donors and foundations, which subscribe to this new service, to monitor and stay abreast of rapidly changing regulatory events involving terrorist financing and fraud.

CharityGuardSM allows corporations and institutions to screen each of their charitable gifts in one cost-effective and up-to-date report by bringing together GuideStar, whose database of information on more than 850,000 U.S. charitable organizations is the premier source of nonprofit data; ChoicePoint, the nation's leading provider of identification and credential verification services; and Regulatory DataCorp, with its comprehensive GRIDSM database, which combines the most accurate, in-depth, and current risk relevant data available from public sources around the world.

"CharityGuard came about because of the overwhelming need our clients expressed for us to expand our critical risk management capabilities to include screening of charitable organizations," said Bill Catucci, President and CEO of Regulatory DataCorp. "This partnership offers clients an unprecedented level of confidence that their philanthropic contributions will not fall into the wrong hands."

"GuideStar has been serving the due-diligence needs of individual and institutional donors since 1994," said Bob Ottenhoff, President and CEO of GuideStar. "Over the last 18 months our users have become increasingly concerned about potential misuse of donated funds and have been asking us to provide a deeper level of information about prospective grantees. GuideStar is very excited to offer CharityGuard as a comprehensive information solution to meet this important need."

"Using information to mitigate risk in our post-9/11 society isn't futuristic thinking—it's responsibly using solutions that exist today," said Derek Smith, Chairman and CEO of ChoicePoint. "CharityGuard will take advantage of our respective technologies to verify the identity and integrity of organizations and individuals that our clients choose to support."

More on RDC

Launched July 16th, 2002, Regulatory DataCorp, Int'l. LLC ("RDC") was formed by twenty of the world's leading financial institutions. RDC seeks to aggregate and leverage public information, technology as well as regulatory and industry expertise on a global basis to enable clients to better identify and manage legal, regulatory and reputational risks and comply with global regulatory responsibilities.

RDC has created a worldwide clearinghouse of public information known as the Global Regulatory Information Database or "GRIDSM." GRIDSM conforms to international standards and regulations, and provides the tools necessary for clients to conduct automated due diligence on entities, individuals and transactions on a wholesale, cost-effective and timely basis. RDC's services are designed to help clients identify and manage serious threats posed to global security by money laundering, fraud, corruption, terrorism, securities fraud, organized crime, and other suspicious financial activities. Information about RDC is available on the RDC Web site,, or by calling (212) 880-3494.

More on ChoicePoint

ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS) is the leading provider of identification and credential verification services for making smarter decisions in a world challenged by increased risks. Serving the needs of business, government, nonprofit organizations, and individuals, ChoicePoint works to create a safer and more secure society through the responsible use of information while ensuring the protection of personal privacy. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

More on GuideStar

GuideStar, the premier source of information on U.S. charitable organizations, has been connecting people with causes since 1994. Gathering and distributing IRS data and programmatic and financial information about 1.7 million nonprofit organizations, GuideStar is the operating name and registered trademark of Philanthropic Research, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity. Today, GuideStar powers many on-line giving systems and distributes nonprofit data to grantmakers, nonprofits, donors, government charity regulators, and professionals serving the sector. To find out more about GuideStar services, go to

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