GuideStar Charity Check Now Available for Community Foundations Using GuideStar DonorEdge

GuideStar DonorEdge Continues to Evolve to Meet Community Foundation Sector Needs
Release date: November 5, 2012

Washington, D.C.—GuideStar—the leading source of nonprofit information—today announced that GuideStar Charity Check®, the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100 percent IRS compliant for qualifying grant and payout recipients, is now integrated with the GuideStar DonorEdge technology and knowledge platform. The integration allows the staffs of DonorEdge community foundations to save money and time, thereby improving their efficiency and effectiveness, and provides access to all of the information they need from the convenience of a single integrated platform.

"GuideStar is excited to announce that GuideStar Charity Check verification information is now available in GuideStar DonorEdge," said Lori Larson, senior director of GuideStar DonorEdge. "This powerful integration of information allows community foundation staff to review IRS-compliant due- diligence information and nonprofit profile information in the same browser screen right at their fingertips."

GuideStar DonorEdge is a technology and knowledge platform that community foundations use to encourage increased charitable giving, promote awareness of local needs and issues to donors and the community and enrich long-term relationships with nonprofits. Community foundations use GuideStar DonorEdge as a tool to collect data directly from the nonprofits in their communities. GuideStar DonorEdge allows community foundations to vet, share, and package nonprofit information in a variety of ways. GuideStar DonorEdge helps community foundations strategically expand their roles as philanthropic knowledge experts. GuideStar DonorEdge is currently available to the following Community Foundation-GuideStar DonorEdge Team members:

  • Blue Grass Community Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Acadiana
  • Community Foundation of Central Florida
  • Community Foundation of North Florida
  • Community Foundation of Sarasota County
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • Kern Community Foundation
  • Oklahoma City Community Foundation
  • Orange County Community Foundation
  • The Boston Foundation
  • The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
  • The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia
  • The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • The San Diego Community Foundation

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"The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is very pleased to experience the innovative solution of GuideStar Charity Check and DonorEdge working together in a powerful, new way," stated Debbie Wilkerson, president and CEO of Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. "This new, integrated technology supports our nonprofit due diligence and long-term philanthropic strategies."

GuideStar Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence product that is 100 percent compliant with increasingly complex IRS requirements. It incorporates IRS Business Master File, Publication 78, Automatic Revocation of Exemption, and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) data into one date- and time-stamped report. Grantmakers, private foundations, sponsoring organizations of donor-advised funds, corporate giving programs, etc., use GuideStar Charity Check in a variety of ways, including to:

  • Identify nonprofits whose exemptions were automatically revoked under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 for failure to file annual returns for three consecutive years
  • Verify charitable status, IRS deductibility code, and deductibility limitations using IRS Publication 78 data
  • Identify nonprofits whose tax-exempt status have been revoked for reasons other than failure to file and link directly to the Internal Revenue Bulletins in which the revocations were announced
  • Document any research with a time- and date-stamped report that can be printed or saved electronically

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