Fluxx, MicroEdge, roundCorner, and SmartSimple Integrate Simplify into Grants Management Software

Release date: July 30, 2014

GuideStar and TAG Announce Thousands of Funders and Grantees Can Now Benefit from Simplify's Efficient Approach to Grantmaking

Simplify logoWashington, DC—GuideStar and the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) today announced the comprehensive grants management platforms of Fluxx, MicroEdge, roundCorner, and SmartSimple have integrated Simplify, a new approach to information-sharing between funders and grantees, into their software applications. Building on recommendations from the www.projectstreamline.org report, Simplify is a partnership between GuideStar and TAG that focuses on data-sharing and standards-setting. It is a common database of grantee information, not a common application. By integrating Simplify into the products of these leading grants management software companies, thousands of funders can now eliminate the repetitive elements of the grant application process, making grantmaking management more efficient and less redundant. With Simplify, grantees can spend more time advancing their organization's missions, rather than completing repetitive, tedious paperwork.

"We are thrilled that these four leading grants management software providers—Fluxx, MicroEdge, roundCorner, and SmartSimple—chose Simplify to automate their information flow and allow funders and nonprofits to focus less on process and more on purpose," said Lisa Pool, TAG's executive director. "In doing so, they guarantee that their clients are increasing their efficiency and impact. They also encourage widespread adoption, as Simplify really must be a sector-wide effort to be successful."

"With GuideStar's wealth of nonprofit data experience and the sharp focus on grantmaking technology within TAG, there are no two organizations better equipped to lead the charge in creating dramatic efficiencies for the philanthropic community," said Kristin Nimsger, CEO of MicroEdge. "This is a win for everyone. Nonprofits will gain considerable time savings, which can be devoted to more meaningful work, and grantmakers will receive stronger applications into their process. Given that our clients manage millions of grant applications within MicroEdge systems, we are honored to play a role in helping support widespread and swift adoption in the community."

Today, many grant applications are online, but because the application formatting is inconsistent between grantmakers, nonprofits spend a lot of time and energy repetitively inputting the same basic information into each new application for which they are applying. Simplify eliminates this recurring task. It allows grantees to keep their current data in one place so it's easier to maintain and share information, while allowing funders to easily access this information, streamlining their grant application process. The result of Simplify is that grantmakers get quality data, grantees save valuable time, and everyone benefits from a more streamlined process.

"We're always working to make the grantmaking process run smoother and more efficiently—for foundations and their grantees," said Jason Ricci, CEO of Fluxx. "With Simplify in our toolbox, the lives of Fluxx grantmakers, and the organizations seeking grants from them, just got significantly better."

Nonprofits can utilize Simplify by entering their core information just once into the freeGuideStar Exchange. The GuideStar Exchange already connects nonprofits with millions of current and potential supporters. Simplify enables the information to automatically be added to every grant application that a nonprofit completes for any participating funder. When grantees complete online applications, they can include this core information with one click by entering their Employer Identification Number (EIN). Funders without online applications can also pull a grantee's core data from Simplify by entering the EIN into their grants management systems.

"Simplify benefits everyone in our community and the folks at GuideStar and TAG have been terrific. It's a big win for everyone and a massive win for our community," said Mike Reid, founder and COO of SmartSimple. "We are excited to participate in the initiative, and our clients are excited about the new ability to streamline integral aspects of the grants management process."

GuideStar and TAG also created a standards-setting body that will manage the standards for Simplify data and determine which additional information should be added to the Simplify database over time. This body will include representatives from TAG, GuideStar, funders, vendors, and sector-wide organizations.

"At roundCorner, our mission is to positively impact our world by putting the best technology in as many nonprofit hands as possible," stated Dan Lammot, president and founder of roundCorner. "The Simplify partnership is a great example of an innovative collaboration from two organizations that know the nonprofit space and are actively developing solutions that help foundations excel at connecting with their constituents all across the giving-to-grant continuum."

Simplify is free for nonprofits. The annual cost to receive the Simplify API for any foundation with assets equal to or greater than $50 million is $750. For foundations with assets below $50 million, the cost is reduced to $350 per year to access the Simplify API, the programming code that will allow their online application and grant management systems to interact with the Simplify API. Foundations who wish to begin using Simplify should e-mail info@simplifynow.org.

Nonprofits are encouraged to participate in the GuideStar Exchange to begin managing their information for free. Grants management software vendors who wish to integrate the Simplify API into their product offerings should contact GuideStar to obtain aSimplify API Developer's License.

For more information on Simplify, please visit www.simplifynow.org.

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