GuideStar Hosts the First Impact Call

Release date: February 11, 2014

The Leading Source of Nonprofit Information Conducts Interactive Call to Provide Year-End Results and Evolve the Definition of Nonprofit Transparency

GuideStar's Impact Call is a revolutionary idea: to quickly and proactively provide results to constituents and begin a systematic dialogue that encourages data-driven decision making across the sector. Join them as they host their first Impact Call to expand the definition of nonprofit transparency and provide their results in a timely and inclusive manner.

Who: Leaders of GuideStar USA, Inc., the leading source of nonprofit information:

  • Jacob Harold, GuideStar's president and CEO, will detail GuideStar's shifting vision and strategy, and highlight its 2013 operational and programmatic outcomes.
  • James Lum, GuideStar's CFO, will provide a brief overview of the organization's year-end financial results.
  • Debra Snider, GuideStar's vice president of operations, will moderate the discussion between the other presenters and the call's participants.
  • Mari Kuraishi, founder and president of GlobalGiving and chair of GuideStar's board of directors, will frame the discussion and introduce the speakers.

Where: Register online today by clicking here, or by visiting

When: Monday, February 24, 2014, 2 p.m.-3 p.m. EST

Why: The nonprofit sector is incredibly important. The nonprofit sector contributes more than $800 billion to the U.S. economy, making up 5.5 percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product. Nonprofits employ the third largest workforce in America behind retail and manufacturing, and they continue to grow at a rate that surpasses both the business and government sectors.

Yet philanthropy is behind most U.S. sectors because of the lack of real-time feedback loops. GuideStar's Impact Call is meant to reframe nonprofit transparency to include information that is more timely, interactive, inclusive, and comprehensive. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly-owned companies, the Impact Call is open to everyone and will be the first step in addressing these new transparency definitions:

  • Timely—It takes almost a year for nonprofit results to become widely available through IRS Forms 990. That's just too long. GuideStar is holding its Impact Call fewer than 60 days after its year-end.
  • Interactive—The Impact Call will be a dialogue, rather than a one-way conversation. Participants will have an opportunity to have questions answered in real time.
  • Inclusive—Everyone is invited to the Impact Call. Not just GuideStar's funders but anyone with a stake and interest in its results.
  • Comprehensive—Finances are only one piece of a much larger picture when it comes to nonprofit impact. GuideStar's Impact Call will also include reporting on programmatic and operational metrics as well as a broader discussion of our strategy.

About GuideStar: GuideStar,, connects people and organizations with information on the programs, finances, and impact of more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofits. GuideStar serves a wide audience inside and outside the nonprofit sector, including individual donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, government officials, academic researchers, and the media.

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