GuideStar Unveils Revamped Foundation Membership Program

Release date: December 11, 2014

New Tiers and Benefits Better Meet Foundation Needs and Enable Deeper Engagement and Collaboration

Washington, D.C.—GuideStar today announced the launch of its redesigned Foundation Membership Program, offering new opportunities for foundations of all kinds to invest more deeply in GuideStar's work and gain access to the research and analytical tools necessary to effectively accomplish grantmaking activities. The Foundation Membership Program is one of the many ways foundations can engage with GuideStar and ultimately enable a stronger nonprofit sector. The revamped program supports GuideStar's ambitious vision for building the information infrastructure for social change and ensuring that the nonprofit sector is equipped to confront the great challenges of the 21st century.

GuideStar's Foundation Membership Program is open to all foundations that are committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector and creating a dynamic, collaborative philanthropic community. Membership tiers and associated benefits allow each foundation the flexibility to determine an entry point that best fits its priorities:

  • Transformational Foundation Members: Designed for large foundations seeking to embed analytical capabilities across the entire enterprise.
  • Visionary Foundation Members: Created for large foundations with a multi-function structure seeking to enhance analytical capabilities in a few departments.
  • Catalyst Foundation Members: Perfect combination for medium-sized foundations with several full-time staff members and need for a variety of analytical capabilities.
  • Champion Foundation Members: Optimal for modestly sized foundations with limited staff looking for additional analytical capabilities.
  • Innovator Foundation Members: Designed for small foundations with limited staff and need for only basic due-diligence tools.

For more information on the benefits available to each membership level, including Honorary Membership, please visit GuideStar's Foundation Membership page:

"The California Endowment values our partnership with GuideStar and appreciates how our membership helps us accomplish our mission," said Dolores Estrada, manager of grants administration at The California Endowment, a private health foundation that provides grants to community-based organizations throughout California. "Our membership not only enabled The Endowment to invest in GuideStar's vision for the future, but helped us move to a paperless process, increase transparency across the sector, and reduce the burden of applying for grants."

The Foundation Membership Program provides tiered benefits including the chance to participate in insider dialogues with GuideStar's senior leadership; individualized, in-person training on GuideStar's products and services; access to advanced due-diligence, grants management, analysis, and research products and tools; and more.

GuideStar Foundation Members are key investors. Their support, combined with grant funding and earned income from product sales, enables GuideStar to serve more than 7.2 million visitors to our website each year, 98 percent of which access the website for free. Foundation support allows GuideStar to invest in innovation, infrastructure, and thought leadership.

"We want to engage with foundations on a much deeper level, and our Foundation Membership Program allows us to do that," remarked GuideStar's director of development, Beth Suarez. "The experience and insight of the foundation community provides an invaluable perspective that enhances our work to shape a nonprofit data revolution. At any membership level, GuideStar is thrilled to partner with a foundation. Together, we can support philanthropy and build a better tomorrow."

Membership dues cover a period of one year on a rolling basis. For more information, please visit GuideStar's Foundation Membership page:, or download and share a PDF of the program: If you are interested in joining the GuideStar Foundation Membership Program, please contact the GuideStar Development team at

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