GuideStar Announces Faster Nonprofit Information Delivery through Two Free QuickStart APIs

Release date: June 11, 2014

Free Self-Serve Sandbox Environments for Six APIs Also Available

Betty BafferWashington, D.C.—GuideStar today announced that its industry-leading nonprofit information can be incorporated into websites, applications, tools, and platforms for free using two new application programming interfaces (APIs), QuickStart Search API and QuickStart Detail API. These APIs provide a self-help environment for those who wish to incorporate nonprofit information into their platforms for free, allowing for real-time, direct access to information as needed, rather than using information obtained periodically.

With QuickStart Search API, people can search GuideStar's most common sets of nonprofit data, including the names, mission statements, and locations of nonprofits across the country. QuickStart Detail API enables people to get rich information supplied directly from nonprofits as well as information from other sources for millions of organizations. Both QuickStart APIs are free and give people access of up to 250 hits per month.

"QuickStart APIs take our nonprofit information delivery to the next level," said Betty Baffer, GuideStar's national sales director. "They are ideal for anyone who needs to search a comprehensive list of valid charities quickly but doesn't need the depth or volume of data provided by our subscription products. QuickStart APIs offer fast and simple integration for developers of websites, software, and any of the myriad of platforms available today."

GuideStar also announced six free Sandbox APIs for those who want to experiment with GuideStar's leading nonprofit information to create mock-ups or prototypes for their own needs. GuideStar's Sandbox APIs are demo versions that function exactly like GuideStar's existing APIs, except they draw from older data and can only be used internally for product evaluation. Sandbox APIs allow prospective clients to test out theAPI functionality without using confidential current data. Upgrading from a Sandbox APIto a subscription API is simple. Sandbox APIs don't expire, and developers are welcome to test as few or as many as they wish.

"We wanted to provide broad access to our users so they could select any cause of their choice," said John Rochard of iDonor, the cross-mobile interface donation payment gateway. "We sought out the GuideStar Search API because it's the most trusted and recognized API provider in the marketplace, and we knew it could integrate seamlessly with our iDonor Widget interface backend database. As a result of working with the API, 90 percent of our workflow is improved."

GuideStar's subscription APIs—for which free Sandbox APIs are available—include:

  • GuideStar Charity Check API
    GuideStar Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100% compliant with IRS requirements. The GuideStar Charity Check API provides this essential information via our RESTful API in XML or JSON formats. Fields available. Starting at $1,150 per year.
  • GuideStar Exchange API
    The GuideStar Exchange API provides rich nonprofit-supplied data, obtained through the GuideStar Exchange, for integration into your application or website.Fields available. Starting at $2,700 per year.
  • GuideStar Search API
    Search GuideStar's most common sets of data about nonprofits to find organizations most relevant to your users, and use those results to get more data from our other APIs. Fields available. Starting at $1,600 per year.
  • GuideStar Advanced Search API
    Do you need to target your searches to narrow in on a specific set of organizations? Check out our Advanced Search API. Fields available. Starting at $2,000 per year.
  • GuideStar Detail API
    The GuideStar Detail API combines nonprofit-supplied data from the GuideStar Exchange with data from other sources to provide comprehensive information about millions of organizations. Fields available. Starting at $1,800 per year.
  • GuideStar Simplify Common Data Profile API
    The GuideStar Simplify Common Data Profile API provides rich nonprofit-supplied data tailored for grant management systems and grantseekers. Developed specifically for use by foundations for their grantmaking needs, you can learn more about Simplify, GuideStar's initiative with TAG (Technology Affinity Group), at Fields available. $750 per year.

For more information about the new, free, and fast delivery of GuideStar's in-depth nonprofit information through APIs, please visit

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