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Foundation Center and GuideStar Join Forces to Become a New Nonprofit Entity Named Candid

New Research Shows Concrete Benefits of Nonprofit Transparency

BRIDGE Information Now Available as Open Data

Nonprofit CEO Compensation Increases Approched Pre-Recession Levels in 2016, New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Reveals

NASCO, GuideStar, MRFP, and CityBase Creating Single System for State Charity Registration and Reporting

Half of U.S. Nonprofits at Risk Financially, New Report Shows

Federal Court Dismisses Liberty Counsel’s Lawsuit against GuideStar

GuideStar-Mission Measurement Partnership Adds New Nonprofit Impact Data to GuideStar

ExpressTaxExempt Launches Collaboration with GuideStar to Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit CEO Compensation Increases Approached Pre-Recession Levels in 2015, New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Reveals

Update Regarding SPLC Flags on GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

GuideStar Launches New Local Nonprofit Directory for Community Foundations

More Women Headed Large Nonprofits According to New GuideStar Analysis

Stephen Goodall and Brian Trelstad Join GuideStar Board

GuideStar Launches State-of-the-Art Nonprofit Search

GuideStar Launches Tool for Nonprofits to Emphasize Their Progress and Results

GuideStar Welcomes Adrian Bordone to Leadership Team

World’s Largest Source of Nonprofit Information Launches Redesigned Nonprofit Profiles

New Report Shows Proportion of Female Nonprofit CEOs Decreased in Fiscal Year 2013

GuideStar and Council on Foundations Announce Partnership

Philanthropedia Identifies Highest-Performing Nonprofits in International Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Cause Areas

The Philanthropy Workshop’s Dr. Glen Galaich joins GuideStar’s Board of Directors

GuideStar Unveils Revamped Foundation Membership Program

Five Steps to Help You Donate to the Right Charity and Become a Super Donor

GuideStar Receives $3 Million Strategic Investment toward $10 Million Capital Campaign

Charities Urged to Crush Overhead Myth and Take Actions Toward an Overhead Solution

GuideStar Launches First-of-Its-Kind Program to Collect Diversity Data from Nonprofits at Scale

Gender Gap Still Prevalent in Nonprofit Sector According to New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

GuideStar Details Its Plan to Build the Scaffolding of Social Change by 2020

GuideStar CEO Jacob Harold Named One of This Year's 50 Most Influential Nonprofit Leaders by NonProfit Times

Fluxx, MicroEdge, roundCorner, and SmartSimple Integrate Simplify into Grants Management Software

GuideStar Unveils Strategic Vision for Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector by 2020 during Next Impact Call

GuideStar Announces Faster Nonprofit Information Delivery through Two Free QuickStart APIs

GuideStar Transparency Program Grows 57 Percent Year Over Year, Revenue Steady at End of Q1

BoardSource and GuideStar Partner to Create Transparency Around Nonprofit Governance

GuideStar Reports First Quarter Outcomes during Next Impact Call

GuideStar Enhances Nonprofit Information Delivery Through Six New APIs

GuideStar Completes $2 Million Financial Turnaround and Increased Nonprofit Engagement in 2013

GuideStar Hosts the First Impact Call

This Giving Season, Find a Worthy Charity with Online Reviews

Philanthropedia Identifies Highest-Performing Nonprofits in Two Cause Areas: People with Disabilities (National), and Climate Change (Bay Area)

Financial SCAN 2.0 Delivers Deep Analysis of Nonprofit Financial Fitness

GuideStar and Technology Affinity Group (TAG) Launch Simplify, an Efficient Approach to Grantmaking

Five Steps Ensure People Donate to the "Right" Charity, Particularly in the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

GuideStar Recommends That Nonprofits Take Six Simple Steps to Take Advantage of Giving Season

GuideStar Simultaneously Bolsters Web, Systems, Strategy Capabilities, and San Francisco Presence with New Hires

New Research Highlights Top Nonprofits Providing Educational Support for At-Risk Youth in Minnesota

Philanthropedia Ranks Highest-Performing Nonprofits in Three Cause Areas: Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

GuideStar and the Foundation Center Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Much-Needed Data, Resources to the Social Sector

New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Reveals Economic Uncertainty Continued to Affect Compensation in Fiscal Year 2011

One Web Site Enables Nonprofits to Tell Their Stories, Commit to Transparency, and Define Their Impact

New Partnership between GuideStar and Provides Free Helpful Tools and Resources for GuideStar Exchange Participants

GuideStar Announces Overhaul of Nonprofit Transparency Program

New Nonprofit Data Analysis Tool, GuideStar Premium Pro, Provides Financial Search Capabilities and Access to Paid Contractor Information

BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and GuideStar Join Forces to Dispel the Charity "Overhead Myth"

New Research Highlights Top Nonprofits Increasing Access to Healthy Food in Minnesota

Content and Analytics Expert Sunand Menon Joins GuideStar Board of Directors

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation Joins GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Community Program as 16th Member

GuideStar Provides All Students, Instructors, and Unfunded Academic Researchers Free Access to Its Full Nonprofit Reports

New Research Highlights Top Nonprofits Advancing Equal Rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community

New Research Highlights Top Nonprofits Making a Difference in San Francisco Bay Area Education and Bay Area Arts and Culture

GuideStar Recommends Five Simple Steps When Donating to Charity

Orange County Community Foundation of California Joins GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Community as 15th Member

GuideStar's New Economic Survey Shows Two-Thirds of Charitable Nonprofits Experienced Decreasing or Stagnant Contributions in First Nine Months of 2012

Philanthropedia Announces the Most Effective Nonprofits Working on the Issue of San Francisco Bay Area Homelessness

GuideStar Charity Check Now Available for Community Foundations Using GuideStar DonorEdge

GuideStar and Foundation Center Offer New Benefits to Charitable Organizations

Jacob Harold Begins Tenure as GuideStar's New President and CEO

Philanthropedia and Minnesota Philanthropy Partners Present Expert-Identified Nonprofits Improving Access to Arts and Culture

New Guidebook, More Money for More Good, Gives Nonprofits Three Steps to Understand Donors and Fundraise More Effectively

GuideStar's Incoming President and CEO Jacob Harold to Speak at the White House Forum on Philanthropy Innovation

New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Reveals Struggling Economy Continued to Affect Nonprofit CEO Compensation in FY 2010

Expanded GuideStar-Kimbia Partnership Enables Donors to More Easily Research and Give to Favorite Charities

Philanthropedia Announces the Nonprofits Making the Most Impact in National Climate Change and International Microfinance

GuideStar Selects Jacob Harold as Next President and CEO

GuideStar Premium Now Allows Subscribers to Download Comprehensive Nonprofit Information in Six New Ways

GuideStar Nonprofit Reports Now Include an "Impact Tab," Featuring Expert Reviews and Assessments

Philanthropedia and Minnesota Philanthropy Partners Present Expert-Identified Workforce Development Nonprofits

Financial SCAN: First Online Service to Offer Comprehensive Analysis of Nonprofit Financial Health

GuideStar Announces Newly Expanded Membership Program

GuideStar President and CEO Bob Ottenhoff to Depart

GuideStar Announces New Tool That Enables Nonprofit Research from Anywhere on the Web

GuideStar Presents Most Important, Comprehensive Nonprofit Information in a New, Easy-to-Understand Format

Winner of the GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway Announced

The 2011 GuideStar Directory of Nonprofit Contractors Now Available for $99

GuideStar Exchange Seal Holders Can Now Display Transparency Seal on Their Own Web Sites

Many U.S. Charities Facing Increased Demand, Signs of Fiscal Stress

Giving Season Coincides with New Research on How $15 Billion Can Be Moved to Higher-Performing Nonprofits

GuideStar Welcomes New Board Member Alix Guerrier, New CFO James Lum, and Applauds Vice President of Research Chuck McLean on Accountability Commission Appointment

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County Joins the GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Community as Newest Member

GuideStar and KIMBIA Kick Off $5,000 Giveaway to Encourage Smart Charitable Donations This Giving Season

Philanthropedia and Minnesota Philanthropy Partners Present Expert-Identified Nonprofits

Give with Your Head as Well as Your Heart in Five Easy Steps This Giving Season

GuideStar and KIMBIA to Host $5,000 Giveaway to Encourage Smart Charitable Donations This Giving Season

Charity Fundraising Results See No Change in First Half of 2011

GuideStar Publishes First Ever Directory of Nonprofit Contractors

GuideStar Releases Free Report Defining Rules Governing Nonprofit Executive Compensation

GuideStar Improves Charity Check, the Only 100 Percent IRS-Compliant Pre-Grant Due Diligence Product Available to Grantmakers

New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Shows Dramatic Affect of Recession on Nonprofit Executive Compensation

GuideStar Exchange Gets Updated, Multiple Options Provided for Nonprofits Seeking Help in Telling Full Story of Their Impact

GuideStar Releases Free Report about New IRS Regulations for Grantmakers and Philanthropic Donors

GuideStar Honors the 10-Year Anniversary of September 11th through Partnership with 9/11 Day Observance

GuideStar Launches "Lunch & Learns" as a New Resource for Nonprofits, Foundations, Financial Advisors, and More

GuideStar Launches GX Connects, a New Online Resource for Nonprofits

Top 100 Nonprofits Whose Tax-Exempt Status Were Revoked by the IRS Had Revenue from $4-$400 Million


GuideStar Brings a New Benefit to Nonprofits through Online Training Videos Designed by the Not for Profit Group

GuideStar Launches New Way to Get Nonprofit Data, GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go

BBB Wise Giving Alliance, GuideStar USA, and Independent Sector Launch Charting Impact

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Report Outlines Impact on Donors, Grantmakers, and Nonprofits of Impending Automatic Revocations of Nonprofit Tax Exemptions

GuideStar Announces Plans to Acquire Innovative Startups Philanthropedia and Social Actions

Office of Letters and Light Winner of 2011 GuideStar-Kimbia Nonprofit Giveaway Contest

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar about Trying Times and Trying Harder: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee's Response to Historic Flooding

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar: Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd—Tap into Your Supporters’ Passion to Become a Great Nonprofit

GuideStar and KIMBIA Launch $5,000 Giveaway to Help Nonprofits Enhance Donor Engagement

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar about Why Participation in the GuideStar Exchange Is Important

Charities Seeing Slight Recovery in Giving, but Not Enough to Keep Up with Demand or Budget Cuts

New Way to "Think Outside the Wallet": Giving That Won't Break the Bank

GuideStar USA, Inc. Launches CEO Compensation Checkpoint Report

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar for Nonprofits Wishing to Integrate GuideStar Data into Their Work Processes

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar on New Fundraising Tools

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar for Community Foundations

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar on Nonprofit Professional Solutions

October 15 Deadline Looming for Nonprofits at Risk of Losing Their Tax-Exempt Status

GuideStar Partners with Hope Consulting to Research Charitable Giving

11 Questions to Help Nonprofits Prepare for the Giving Season

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar on Best Practices in Nonprofit Compensation

New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Shows Female Nonprofit Leaders Lost Ground in Fiscal Year 2008

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar on Using Data to Drive Your Nonprofit's Growth and Measure Success

MEDIA ALERT: GuideStar Hosts Free Webinar on New Due Diligence Measures Required of Grantmakers

Kelly Ann Whalen Promoted to Chief Development Officer of GuideStar USA, Inc.

GuideStar USA, Inc. Commemorates September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance by Connecting Nonprofits to Volunteers and Donors

GuideStar Urges Donors Not to Restrict Nonprofits When Giving to Disaster Relief

Great Recession Continues to Hurt Nonprofit Sector, New Survey Finds

One-Time Relief Program Benefits Thousands of Nonprofits Facing Automatic Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status

Charles Best, Sophie Bromberg, and Jacob Harold Join GuideStar Board

Inga Broerman Joins GuideStar as Vice President, Marketing

GuideStar Advises That June 30 Fiscal Year End Will Trigger New Form 990 Filing Deadline for Many Nonprofits

GuideStar Advises Small Nonprofits on the Mechanics of Filing Form 990-N

GuideStar Warns That Grantees and Nonprofit Clients May Be in Danger of Losing Tax-Exempt Status

GuideStar Invites Environmental and Wildlife Nonprofits to Enter GuideStar Green Giveaway

GuideStar Adds Expert Analyses and Recommendations to Help Donors Make Giving Decisions

GuideStar Launches New Tools for Superior Business Results

GuideStar's Tips for Giving Wisely to Haitian Relief

Majority of Charities Report Decreased Contributions, Increased Demand for Services, Eighth Annual GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Finds

Narrowing of Gender Gap Slowed in FY 2007, New GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Shows

Nonprofit Gender Gap Continues to Narrow, 2008 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Indicates

The Truth about Charity Compensation

GuideStar Introduces CEO Compensation Checkpoint, New Service for Analyzing Nonprofit CEO Compensation

Economy Continues to Squeeze Charities, New GuideStar Survey Finds

GuideStar Charity Check 100% Compliant with IRS Revenue Procedure 2009-32

Number of Nonprofits Reporting Decreased Contributions Rose, New GuideStar Survey Finds

GuideStar Web Site Gets Makeover

Charity Reviews Debut on GuideStar

GuideStar Analysis Finds 9 Out of 10 Nonprofits Embracing On-line Disclosure but More Can Be Done

Half a Million Nonprofits Could Lose Their Federal Tax Exemptions, GuideStar Warns

GuideStar Offers Academics and Students Complimentary Access to Nonprofit Information

Marketwire and GuideStar Offer More PR Opportunities to Non Profit Organizations

GuideStar Offers One-Stop Shopping for On-line Donors

Seventh Annual GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Reveals Significant Challenges for Charities

GuideStar Named to 100 Best Websites

New Report Identifies Characteristics That Drive Foundation Spending Patterns

Nonprofit Information and Tools Now Readily Available to Federal Decision Makers

GuideStar Adds On-line Donation Capability

Despite Uncertain Economy, Charities Holding Own, Optimistic about 2007 Giving Season

Glass Ceiling Weakening for Female Nonprofit Executives, 2007 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Indicates

GuideStar Urges IRS to Take Time on Form 990 Revision

GuideStar Launches Organization Download and People Search

GuideStar Statement on New IRS Form 990 Draft

New IRS Guidelines Alter Grantmaking Practices

Better Compensation Metrics for Charities with GuideStar-ERI Economic Research Institute Agreement

Just in Time for the Giving Season, GuideStar Launches Improved Search

Fifth Annual GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Reveals Both Charitable Donations and Demand Up

GuideStar, Trusted Leader in Nonprofit Information, Launches Gov@GuideStar, Customized for Government Use

GuideStar Charity Check Gives Grantmakers Instant Access to IRS Publication 78

GuideStar Launches Service for Libraries

Charities Predict Stagnant or Declining End-of-Year Fundraising

GuideStar Announces New Public Service Program for Universities

Gender Pay Gap Narrowed at Nation's Largest Charities

Finding the Right Charity to Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

GuideStar Adds New Disclosure Tool to Its Suite of Nonprofit Services

GuideStar Expands Database to Include All Tax-Exempt Nonprofits

Expert Report on Charity Reform Highlights GuideStar's Role and Importance

GuideStar Offers Advice on Evaluating Charities' Effectiveness

Finding the Right Charity to Help Tsunami Victims

GuideStar Survey Shows Increased Support for Charity in 2004

GuideStar International Formed

GuideStar Celebrates 10th Anniversary

New Web Site Brings On-line Support to New York State Charities

Avoid IRS Pitfalls When Donating Your Car to Charity

GuideStar's Tips for Choosing a Charity

Nonprofit Salaries Revealed in New On-line Tool

GuideStar Survey Reveals Mixed Economic Picture for Charities

Federal Grant to GuideStar Funds Creation of National Charity Registry

Economic Picture Brightening for Charities

GuideStar Launches Tool to Help Nonprofits Find Money

FTC Enlists GuideStar in Fight Against Charity Fraud

GuideStar Survey: Funding Faith-Based Organizations

GuideStar's Tips for Evaluating Charities Working in Iraq

New High-Tech Charity Screening Service Announce

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