Direct & Up-To-Date Information

GuideStar data and tools are updated in real time and include proprietary information (more than 50 million data points) directly from nonprofits. With GuideStar, you and your stakeholders—be they colleagues or clients—will be able to:

Get nonprofit info anywhere, any time

Research the data points that matter most to you

Access 800+ fields of financial data, including income, expenses, assets, head count, etc

Confirm a nonprofit is in good standing with the IRS

Compare organizations and build lists with proprietary peer analysis tool

Integrate data directly into your CRM system

Conduct and filter searches with dozens of data fields

Identify nonprofit leadership to build relationships and grow your business

See how easy it is to connect your users with the right organizations. Let us know what you need, and we’ll recommend the best solution.

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Did you know? Every year nonprofits spend $25.8 billion on information and technology.

This data was derived from 2015 IRS filings.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Needs

APIs Platform Solutions

Incorporate real-time GuideStar data into your website or applications. Customize the integration to meet your product and user needs.

Learn more about GuideStar APIs

Plug-ins Platform Solutions

Give internal or external users access to the GuideStar search experience. Can be added to your site in just minutes.

Learn more about GuideStar Local Nonprofit Directory

Data Sets Platform Solutions

Choose the information you need from hundreds of data fields. Customize the integration to meet your product and user needs.

Learn more about GuideStar Custom Data Services

SaaS Platform Solutions

Give your team, whether it’s one or hundreds people, access to GuideStar's powerful web-based search engine.

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How Our Tools Can Support Your Platform

use case 1

A coworker is looking for trends in charitable giving to human service organizations in the Northeast.

use case 2

Your community relations team is researching nonprofits across the country to include in your employee-giving program.

use case 3

Your sales team wants to identify prospective nonprofit partners.

GuideStar tools are the answer. Find nonprofits based on geography, cause area, revenue, expenses, and many other criteria. View up to five years of donation and grant information. Download data into Excel spreadsheets or import it into your CRM solution. Whether you purchase subscriptions for a handful of individuals, choose an enterprise solution for your whole company, or subscribe to an API that incorporates GuideStar data into your applications, we have the information and tools you need.

Tools Built with You and Your Stakeholders in Mmind

Easy integration and little to no maintenance

Clear documentation and ongoing support

Scalable solutions, from a single user to enterprise-wide access

The most comprehensive data available, updated in real time from multiple sources

Affordable pricing, allowing you to stay within your budget

Secure data and tools designed to provide a safe environment and adhere to best security practices

Performance dashboards (APIs) providing real-time info on performance and call volume

A robust online community (APIs) with tips, code, and best practices

More Than Just Data

GuideStar’s team of nonprofit experts will help you deliver the right solution to your users. Contact us for:

  1. A live demo of GuideStar Pro
  2. Web-based nonprofit analysis
  3. Custom data services and consultation
  4. GuideStar for teams
  5. Data integrations
  6. And more