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The highest level of recognition GuideStar offers allows organizations to push past financial metrics to share their actual progress and results with millions—for free.

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The highest level of recognition

GuideStar Platinum encourages nonprofit organizations to share their progress and results in important new ways—moving way beyond simplistic financial ratios—to reflect the changes organizations are making in the world.

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We know measurement can be complex and contentious. GuideStar Platinum follows these principles:

  • It’s your choice: The metrics you use are your choice—you can choose to select from our Common Results Catalog or create your own.
  • Share what you already have: The metrics you share should be metrics you already collect and use.
  • Everyone can share: We welcome you whether you are big or small, whether you've got lots of metrics or a few, many years of data or one.
GuideStar Platinum Seal

How Platinum helps

  • Demonstrates that you are an organization that is focused on measuring your progress and results
  • Gives potential funders information they crave, so it's good for fundraising
  • Shows your improvement and results year over year
  • Provides a concrete alternative to donors evaluating you using your overhead ratio
"The Platinum program gives us the ability to track crucial data on free web-based software that all key players can access. High Risk Hope is committed to transparency and we have finally found a tool to present this information in a clear and effective manner.”

—Heather Barrow
Founder & Executive Director High Risk Hope

Who will see my Platinum Profile?

Millions of people will be able to see your metrics on your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and through our network of more than 200 websites and applications. This audience includes:

  • Thousands of foundation staff members
  • Dozens of online giving portals
  • All major U.S.-based donor-advised funds
  • Some 10 million visitors to each year
  • Nearly 20 leading community foundations

How Platinum works

  1. Scan our Common Results Catalog (developed using nearly 100 expert sources) to help you reflect on your metrics.
  2. Pick the metrics that best fit your organization or create your own custom metrics.
  3. Enter your metrics into the Platinum section of your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.
  4. Your progress and results will be viewed by millions of people using GuideStar.

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What people are saying

ICAN is very happy to be an Early Adopter of Platinum, and we thank you for the ability to Beta-test the new Platinum designation. Our Board Governance and Strategic Planning committees were very impressed with the range of metrics that GuideStar offered.

—Marcia Horn
President & CEO, International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN)

We are so excited to be able to display the results of the Assistance League of San Jose’s philanthropic programs in a concise and easy-to-read format that will document growth over time. I also appreciate the immediate support I received while creating our metrics and inputting data during the initial phase of implementation.

—Paula Acree
Volunteer, Assistance League of San Jose

This new effort by GuideStar is promising and exciting. Easily accessible data on nonprofit performance will allow donors to make better decisions, targeting resources to those who are working hard to gauge and improve their performance.

—Phil Buchanan
President & CEO, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Thank you to our Platinum Early Adopters. See our Early Adopter list here.

Frequently asked questions

GuideStar Platinum is an easy and free way for your organization to share your progress and results. By reporting metrics through your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, your organization can receive a Platinum Seal of Transparency—GuideStar’s newest and highest level of recognition.

Reporting quantitative metrics about your organization’s work demonstrates the progress you’re making toward achieving your mission. This shows your stakeholders and funders that you are intentional about measurement and learning in order to maximize the difference you are making in the world.

Also, Platinum can:

  • Give funders information they crave about your progress and results
  • Provide a concrete alternative to donors evaluating you using overhead ratios
  • Demonstrate programmatic growth year over year (you can add historical data)
  • Differentiate your organization from similar groups

Millions of people will be able to see this information on your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and through our network of more than 200 applications and websites that are powered by your profile’s data. This includes:

  • Some 10 million annual visitors to each year
  • The millions of visitors to donation platforms, including: AmazonSmile, Facebook, JustGive, Network for Good, and dozens of other online giving portals.
  • All major U.S.-based donor-advised funds, such as Fidelity Charitable
  • Thousands of staff from all types of foundations, such as the California Endowment
  • More than 18 leading community foundations.

The first step toward Platinum is to make sure your organization’s profile is completed up to the Gold level—this is a prerequisite for getting a Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Meanwhile, start a conversation with the rest of your organization. What metrics do you currently track? What results best demonstrate your progress and results? How many years of results do you have?

Great question. Check out this blog post written by our senior director of programs.

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