GuideStar Products & Services

  Analysis Tools

GuideStar Premium & GuideStar Pro

Search, find, and analyze nonprofit data and financials

GuideStar Charity Check

Verify a nonprofit's eligibility to receive grants or tax-deductible contributions

GuideStar for Education

Offers academic instructors and their students complimentary access to GuideStar Premium

GuideStar Library Services

Give patrons or students on-site access to GuideStar Pro

  Data Services

Get lists of nonprofits in a specific state or metropolitan statistical area

Custom Data Sets

Customized nonprofit data for your integration, analysis, and mailing list needs

Data Sets for Research

Discounted robust nonprofit data sets for academic use

Matching & Verification

Compare and verify your list of nonprofits

  Platform Solutions

GuideStar APIs

Integrate GuideStar information into your own platform

GuideStar Local Nonprofit Directory

Inform charitable giving in your community by adding a comprehensive nonprofit directory to your website

GuideStar for Grant Applications

Automatically populate grant applications with GuideStar Nonprofit Profile information


Research and benchmark nonprofit-executive compensation

GuideStar Publications

Browse through our content library and download reports for free

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