GuideStar Business Solutions:
Nonprofit Data the Way You Want It

Does your entire department—or even your whole company—need comprehensive, up-to-date nonprofit information to do their jobs? Want to automate your pre-grant due diligence, display nonprofit data on your Web site, or integrate nonprofit information into your work flows and applications? GuideStar business solutions can make it happen.

GuideStar business solutions offers several options to give you exactly the nonprofit intelligence you need and the right tools to make that information work for you:

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GuideStar Subscription Services

Make one or more of GuideStar's core services available to your work group, department, or company:

GuideStar Premium is our most sophisticated search and data-management tool. Search for individuals by name to find their titles, compensation, and the organizations they are connected with. Craft precise nonprofit searches, refine and sort your search results, access our most complete nonprofit reports, and download nonprofit information into Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Learn more

GuideStar Charity Check gives you one-stop pre-grant due diligence. Verify a nonprofit's charitable status with the latest IRS Publication 78 information. Research supporting organizations with the most recent IRS Business Master File data. Create an audit trail by printing a date- and time-stamped report or by saving it to PDF. GuideStar Charity Check is 100% compliant with IRS regulations for verifying charitable status and identifying supporting organizations. Learn more

The GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report is the most robust nonprofit compensation analysis available, providing detailed salary ranges and percentile analyses by job category, program area, gender, and geography. Rely on the report's deep, sophisticated empirical analysis to benchmark nonprofit compensation practices with confidence. Learn more

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Matching and Verification

GuideStar's matching and verification solution compares client-provided data with the GuideStar database to verify tax-exempt status, confirm charitable status, and append data fields. Let GuideStar verify organizations' eligibility for nonprofit discounts or charitable gifts. Inform decision making with GuideStar data on the nonprofits that interest you.

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Business Data Integration

GuideStar business data integration delivers customized nonprofit data in data files or through XML. Incorporate hard-to-locate nonprofit data, such as key personnel, compensation, balance sheet metrics, investments, and endowments, into applications. Receive data sets perfect for mailing lists or market research.

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Web Services

GuideStar Web services allows you to retrieve nonprofit data via a real-time call to the GuideStar database for display on your Web site or integration into your own database applications.

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Hosted Solutions

GuideStar hosted solutions lets you display GuideStar data on your Web site without the hassle of posting and updating the pages. Let your IT staff concentrate on other matters while GuideStar's developers create Web pages that have the look and feel of your site but reside on our servers.

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GuideStar Business Solutions at a Glance

What: Department- or business-wide access to GuideStar information, tools, and services

Who should subscribe: Organizations that need GuideStar data for 5 or more people, require customized access to GuideStar information, or wish to incorporate GuideStar data into work processes and applications

Why: To obtain nonprofit intelligence and the tools to put it to work

How: Provides access to GuideStar's core services as well as services developed specifically for enterprise users

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GuideStar Business Solutions Clients


Founded by actor and activist Edward Norton, is an innovative new Web platform that brings the power of crowd-sourcing and the fun of social networking to fundraising and volunteerism. Crowdrise has created a community-based, participation-driven platform on which both individuals and organizations can build highly compelling, personalized, online fundraising campaigns that will spur their friends, supporters, and members of the Crowdrise community into action. GuideStar data powers Crowdrise's charity search.


Firstgiving provides on-line fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations. The Firstgiving team uses GuideStar to verify that its customers are IRS-recognized nonprofits and to ensure that donation payments go to valid addresses. Firstgiving site visitors also use GuideStar to identify individual organizations to which they may donate or for which they may conduct fundraising activities. Without the power of GuideStar's search, it would be prohibitively complicated to find and verify customers and donations.

"GuideStar has been a valuable part of the Firstgiving service. The GuideStar database provides confidence to fundraisers and donors using Firstgiving that they are helping the cause that they care about. We have found the availability and quality of the service to be outstanding."

Mark Sutton, President and CEO
Firstgiving is a nonprofit organization guided by its mission to connect people with the charities and causes they care about. Using technology for the greatest good, provides one-source "shopping," making it easy for donors to connect with the widest realm of causes. The site uses the powerful and extensive searchable database powered by GuideStar as well as the unique JustGive Guide that organizes 1,000 nonprofits into 19 causes. Donors can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring donation with the charities of their choice and are provided the ability to donate anonymously to protect privacy.