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2019 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

The most trusted and robust nonprofit compensation analysis available

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The only large-scale nonprofit compensation analysis based entirely on IRS data

  • 162,853 observations from 113,549 990 and 990-EZ filings
  • Nonprofits from the entire 501(c) universe
  • Salary data on 14 top leadership positions, including CEO, CFO, and more
  • An executive summary showing compensation trends at a glance
  • Compensation broken down by state/metro area level
  • Compensation analysis by gender, cause area, and other subsections
  • In-depth incumbent compensation analysis
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The most trusted nonprofit compensation analysis for nearly 20 years

Most nonprofit salary reports use data for relatively few organizations. The GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report analyzes salaries and benefits at hundreds of thousands of charities and nonprofits.

Get the details you need

HR professionals, nonprofits, grantmakers, researchers, and more find value in the GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation report because it showcases the analysis several ways. Find analysis by geography (national, state, and regional), gender, job title, or cause area.

Benchmark nonprofit/charity compensation levels

Find compensation analysis for nonprofit/charity CEOs, CFOs, and 12 other top leadership positions.

Nonprofit compensation trends you can trust

Our data science methodology clarifies the murky waters of salary and other compensation metrics for charity and nonprofit executives.

How this nonprofit compensation guide can help you

  • Nonprofits:

    Establish appropriate compensation and demonstrate to grantmakers, oversight agencies, and donors that the salaries and benefits you offer are justified

  • Grantmakers:

    Benchmark compensation offered by applicants and grantees

  • Professional services:

    Help nonprofit clients establish appropriate compensation

  • Human resources:

    Benchmark compensation, understand how much nonprofit employees should be paid, and retain top talent

  • Researchers:

    Define trends in nonprofit compensation

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