Nonprofit Comparables AssessorTM:
Do-It-Yourself Compensation Analysis

GuideStar is pleased to be affiliated with Economic Research Institute (ERI). ERI's Nonprofit Comparables Assessor™ compares executive compensation at nonprofit organizations in the United States. Executive compensation levels are calculated based on user input for position, industry, pay strategy, and executive performance. Utilized by the IRS and many state nonprofit regulators. ERI is a trusted source of compensation data.

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About ERI Economic Research Institute

ERI Economic Research Institute was founded over 25 years ago to provide compensation, benefits, and Human Resource research for private and public organizations in the form of published reports and software database products. Revenues for ERI are earned solely from these cost-of-living and salary survey software and publication sales. ERI does not provide fee-for-service consulting.

ERI's research database software subscriptions are available to management, analysts, and consultants and are now widely used by client organizations (thousands of corporate and consulting subscribers). Subscribers include corporate compensation, relocation, human resources, and other professionals, as well as independent consultants and counselors, and U.S. and Canadian public sector administrators (including military, law enforcement, city/county, state/provincial, and federal government pay administrators).