Financial SCAN

The fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive way to analyze a nonprofit's finances: Financial SCAN (Situation and Comparables Analysis)

Financial SCANSM helps you better understand or communicate a nonprofit's financial health and resource needs. It combines GuideStar's IRS Forms 990 data and Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) expert analysis in an easy-to-use tool with shareable formats that bring insight to financial information and support mission-driven decisions.

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Financial Scan

6 reasons to choose Financial SCAN 


Up to 5 years of deep, comprehensive trend analysis of a nonprofit's 990 financial data.


An easy-to-read, easy-to-share format with financial dashboards and graphs.


Fast and simple steps to generate meaningful financial reports with just a few clicks.


Unique peer comparison capabilities.

  • Identify up to five individual peer organizations for side-by-side financial benchmarking.
  • Compare a nonprofit’s data with the medians and averages of a larger group that you create using criteria such as mission area, geography, and financial characteristics.

Excel download feature makes it easier for you to customize Financial SCAN dashboards by adding an overlay of program data or the latest budget numbers, or create your own graphs.


Accompanying educational guide with discussion questions helps users interpret the analysis and prompt conversation among nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, donors, and advisors.

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Get Financial SCAN the way you need it:

New pricing, enterprise access, and report licensing options make Financial SCAN intelligence more widely accessible for larger institutions.

Nonprofit Express Passes give tax-exempt nonprofit organizations access to Financial SCAN for a full seven days at a discounted price of $250.

Organizations that use Financial SCAN include:

DC Central Kitchen Dorris Copper Mutual of Omaha

Perfect for institutional funders

Need to simplify your financial due diligence?

Save time and resources with Financial SCAN's standardized, automated analysis. The dashboard identifies the indicators that are most relevant to an organization's long-term stability and effectiveness, analyzing them for up to five years.

  • Generate single-page dashboard PDFs for an overview of a nonprofit’s recent financial performance and trends.
  • Use Financial SCAN to standardize your due-diligence with a focus on the metrics that matter most for financial health and resilience.
  • Supplement your team’s program expertise with clear, comprehensive financial data.
  • Better understand a nonprofit’s recent financial performance and its implications for your grantmaking approach.
  • Compare a nonprofit with its peers or with your broader portfolio to see common or divergent financial characteristics and needs.

Have more informed conversations with grantees

Use Financial SCAN to engage your grantees in conversations about their financial health, funding needs, strategic direction, and capacity-building priorities. The analysis helps you know what to look for and why it matters, assisting the connection between money and mission in your funder-grantee dialogue.

Equip your board with meaningful financial data

Financial SCAN creates clear, consistent supporting documentation for your funding recommendations and decisions. Use single-page dashboard PDFs as attachments to board packets, or include a full Financial SCAN report where more detail and visuals are necessary. Financial SCAN’s easy-to-interpret analyses can help ground board conversations in data, allowing for frank discussion about the financial issues facing grantees.

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Lucy Bernholz, Arabella Advisors,

Have you considered making the 7-day Nonprofit Express Pass available to your grantees?

Give the nonprofits you support the gift of in-depth financial analysis for only $250 per grantee.

Financial SCAN is perfect for professional service providers

How do you focus clients on financial trends and metrics that matter?

  • Rapidly analyze recent financial performance
    Save time and resources with Financial SCAN’s standardized, automated analysis. The dashboard identifies the indicators that are most relevant to an organization’s fiscal performance and long-term stability. Thirteen charts and graphs let you examine trends and ratios more deeply, and an accompanying educational guide helps you and your clients reflect on the analysis.

  • Benchmark comparable organizations
    A peer comparison dashboard reveals the financial dynamics and structure of up to five nonprofits that you select, and benchmark a nonprofit against medians or averages for an entire peer group that you create.

  • Customize a client’s data in Excel
    Add newly available or complementary data to Financial SCAN’s dashboards or create tailored charts and graphs specific to your client engagement goals.

  • Identify good candidates for your clients’ philanthropy
    Present clients with a visual financial analysis that supports your recommendations for how and where to direct their charitable giving. Combine Financial SCAN with an assessment of an organization’s program results to present a more complete picture of its financial health and impact.

  • Prospect more effectively
    Use Financial SCAN to identify and assess potential nonprofit clients before you first make contact.

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Financial SCAN is perfect for nonprofits

Want the best way to illustrate and communicate your nonprofit’s financial story?

  • Present a clear picture of your organization’s financial condition and resource needs
    Your financial health dashboard identifies the crucial indicators for your organization’s long-term financial health and resilience. Thirteen charts and graphs accompanied by an educational guide assist you in interpreting these metrics and trends. Download this information into Excel for further analysis.

  • Benchmark your organization’s financial condition with your peers
    Select up to five peer organizations for a side-by-side financial comparison. You can also choose to benchmark against medians or averages for a peer group that you create using criteria like mission area, geography, and financial characteristics.
    Want to see several different combinations of peers or define multiple peer groups? No problem. There is no limit to the number of peer comparisons you can run with your 7-day Nonprofit Express Pass.

  • Include financial data in discussions with your staff, board, donors, and grantmakers
    Use Financial SCAN to inform conversations about your organization’s financial health, funding needs, strategic direction, and capacity-building priorities. The analysis helps you know what to look for, why it matters, and how to talk about your financial condition.

  • Customize your data in Excel
    Download dashboards into Excel to add newly available or complementary data, or create tailored charts and graphs specific to your own analysis and communication needs.

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-Denise Galatas, Southern Mutual Help Association

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