GuideStar Library Services:
Connecting Library Patrons with Nonprofit Information

With GuideStar Library Services, academic and public libraries can give their patrons on-site or remote access to GuideStar Premium or GuideStar Pro.

Try GuideStar Library Services for free today:

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What Patrons Can Do with GuideStar Library Services

  • Search 2.5 million nonprofit organizations
  • Use powerful filters to refine extensive search results
  • Access all available IRS Forms 990
  • View financial data, including revenue tables, expense tables, and balance sheets
  • Print attractive full reports

Licensing Information

Library services is configured for delivery by institution-wide IP range access. This allows for unlimited access for your physical or digital campus, public library system, or nonprofit resouce center/network. 

For more information, please contact us at or 866-710-7663.

GuideStar Library Services Subscribers

Current subscribers include:

  • Carnegie Library
  • Duke University
  • Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • Plus dozens of regional and local libraries


GuideStar Library Services at a Glance

What: Library access to GuideStar Premium or GuideStar Pro

Who should subscribe: Libraries or universities whose patrons, instructors, researchers, or students seek nonprofit information

Why: To give patrons on-site and/or remote access to GuideStar Premium or Pro

How: Combines powerful, easy-to-use tools with GuideStar's most complete nonprofit reports

How much: Starting at $5,000

"[GuideStar Library Services] is an invaluable reference tool for working with both the public and students. It is the best single source for locating specific nonprofit organizations or determining what service providers are operating within a designated geographic area."

—Fran Huehls, Philanthropic Studies Collections, University Library at IUPUI