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Where is the money? Use The Map to understand your philanthropic markets, assess your philanthropic potential, and raise more money in the coming year.



GuideStar in partnership with The Room40 Group

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What's Inside the Map of Opportunity



Show Me the Money

We'll show you how philanthropy is distributed across the United States.




The Top 50 in Detail

For the top 50 philanthropic markets you'll get details on corporate, foundation, and individual giving, by county.



How-to Guides

Now what? We'll walk you through using this data to create common understanding of your market, assess total potential, and raise more money.


Show me the money! The Map of Opportunity reveals:


  • How philanthropy in the United States is concentrated and distributed across the country
  • Detailed "deep dives" on the top 50 areas, that collectively account for 61% of all available funding
  • The relative amounts of funding in the 381 metro areas which account for 90% of all philanthropy
  • Useful insights into all fundraising markets as well as detailed analysis of individual markets

The Map of Opportunity: Philanthropy in the 381 metropolitan statistical areas in the United States.


Sample Market Overview 


What can I learn about the Top 50 markets?

We present a Market Overview for each of the top 50 markets, including:


  • Total philanthropy originating from the metro area
  • The market's rank, relative to others
  • Breakdown of philanthropy by source, across counties
  • Distribution of philanthropy by source, across counties
  • Top 10 corporations, foundations, and zip codes








This new and powerful analysis complements the experience, knowledge, and strengths of your team, making it easier for you to be successful at reaching your goals.


Revenue makes everything possible. Use our How-to Guides to ...


1. Orient Leadership to Markets: Learn how to use The Map to create a shared understanding within your leadership team of the markets in which you raise money—a prerequisite for making better decisions faster.


2. Assess the Potential of Your Markets (and Others): One-third of what you raise can be explained by where you are. We show you how to combine The Map with peer data to asses the philanthropic potential of a market.


3. Set Your Annual Revenue Targets: Now we get tactical and show you how to combine what you've learned about market potential with what you know about your internal pipeline, competence, and capacity to help you set revenue targets for the next year and raise more money.


"The Map helped us assess fundraising capacities for new markets and within existing markets. With The Map, we were able to make better-informed decisions more quickly."



—Lynn Margherio, Founder / CEO, Cradles to Crayons

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Who created The Map of Opportunity?

Meet The Room40 Group


A consulting and advisory group, The Room40 Group works with the leadership of nonprofits to help their organizations improve, grow, and change. Recognizing the real resource constraints of nonprofits and the value of learning from others, we formed The Room40 Group to help nonprofit organizations make better decisions, faster, informed by data and the experiences of their peers.


The Room40 Group shares GuideStar's commitment to data innovation and data distribution resulting in nonprofits making high-quality, data-informed decisions. The Map presents insights and analysis made possible by combining GuideStar data with data from other sources. We are honored to partner with GuideStar to create valuable tools, informed by data, for the nonprofit sector.