Transparency Matters

New research* reveals that transparent nonprofits received more contributions and were stronger organizations.

Villanova University and University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee researchers compared nonprofits that earned a GuideStar Seal of Transparency to those that did not.

Nonprofits that earned a Seal averaged 53% more in contributions the following year than organizations with no Seal.

The research also found organizations that elect to be more transparent had stronger performance across a range of governance, financial, and operational dimensions.

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Organizations with a GuideStar Seal of Transparency received 53% more in contributions

GuideStar’s Research Indicates Value of Seals of Transparency

GuideStar has found that profiles with Gold or Platinum Seals get twice the views as other profiles.

And in 2017, 78% of the nonprofits that received donations through GuideStar’s website had Seals. Only 22% didn’t.

Plus, contributions to nonprofits with Gold or Platinum Seals were 11% larger than those to organizations with Bronze or Silver Seals.

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Profiles with Gold or Platinum Seals are viewed 2x more 

Donors Want to Give to Transparent Organizations

A new report shows that a nonprofit’s accomplishments are the number one factor in establishing donor trust.

According to’s report, the top reasons inspiring trust are the charity's accomplishments, reputation, and financials.

On the flip side, donors cited greed and high compensation, negative reputation, and lack of honesty and transparency as the most common reasons to distrust a charity.