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Updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile ensures that prospective donors and funders will find the accurate, timely information about your organization. Your information will be seen by the 9 million users who visit GuideStar each year and millions more who visit the 200+ charitable applications and websites that are powered by GuideStar.

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

  • GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Summary section

    One of the greatest challenges nonprofits face today is standing out from the pack. How can you make your great work stand out from the activities of the thousands of organizations out there?

  • GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Financials section

    Historically, nonprofit leaders have struggled to compare and benchmark their organizations with others. This has led donors to use simplistic metrics—such as overhead ratios—to judge nonprofits’ performance.

  • Programs and Results section

    Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile presents your organization’s information to GuideStar’s 9 million annual visitors. And our new profile design puts the information that matters most to donors and funders right up front.

  • GuideStar nonprofit profiles on handheld devices

    Update your organization’s GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to share your real story with the world today!




Four great reasons to update your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile:


Manage your organization's online identity.

You have the power to choose what millions of people see about your organization each year. Getting the most up-to-date and complete information to the public means that you are sharing your organization's full story.


Increase funding.

When you share information through your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, you have the opportunity to increase funding for your organization.

  • Update the information that powers every major U.S.-based donor-advised fund.
  • Activate a donate button right on your profile.
  • Get your most up-to-date information to the tens of thousands of foundations that use GuideStar data.
  • Sign up to receive real-time alerts when there is a change to your organization's IRS status.

Save time with your grant applications.

Your grant applications can now be prepopulated with hundreds of data fields you've already updated on your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. In support of the Simplify initiative, your profile information can be pulled straight into participating grants management software, saving you time and resources.


Get discounts on products.

Unlock additional discounts on products and services exclusively available to participants at the Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.

Ever wonder where people see and use your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile information?



Network for Good


Dozens of online giving portals

All major U.S.-based donor-advised funds,such as Fidelity Charitable

More than 35,000 staff from private foundations, such as the California Endowment

More than 16 leading community foundations


Our new GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles give your organization a free platform to clearly describe the issues you're tackling. You can share how you're currently going about that work and how you plan to continue efforts in the future.  Learn more about the new profiles here or get started by claiming and updating your organization profile right now!

Updating your profile is free for all nonprofits.

Questions about updating your profile? Visit our support center in the GuideStar Community to get direct assistance and answers to our frequently asked questions.

Update your nonprofit profile

Keep your profile up to date and share more comprehensive information—that's what donors are looking for.


The Bronze level (15+ minutes) focuses on basic information about your organization.


The Silver level (15+ minutes) asks about quantitative information, such as financial needs.


The Gold level (30+ minutes) is all about impact, asking for qualitative information about your organization.


How do you measure your progress? The Platinum level (30+ minutes) will ask you to provide quantitative program results.

How to Update Your Profile

Want to get started? Here’s how:


Click here to claim your organization's profile.

You'll be prompted to sign in or create an account on GuideStar. Then, you will be asked for your organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN) and given the opportunity to request permission to manage the profile. GuideStar's nonprofit customer service team will review and process your request within 1 to 2 business days.


Jump right in and start editing.

After receiving e-mail notification that your request has been approved, start updating.

After publishing changes to your profile, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from GuideStar, and your new information will be updated on GuideStar within 48 hours.

The types of information you'll need to update your organization's profile

  • EIN
  • Contact information
  • Social media usernames
  • Founding information
  • Most recent IRS Form 990 or audited financial statement
  • A staff list
  • Mission statement
  • List of your programs and what you're measuring
  • Geographic area served
  • Strategy documents that focus on what your organization is aiming to accomplish, how you'll get there, and what progress you've made

GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Requirements

Want to see the complete list of information you can share? Check out the list of nonprofit profile data fields.

For more details, read the Terms of Service.


Basic Information

So you can be found

  • Organization address, contact name, and e-mail
  • Mission statement
  • Name of organization leader and board chair
  • Program name, description, and population served
  • Geographic area served by program


Financial Information

So you can grow trust

  • Audited financial report OR basic financial information
  • Bronze level requirements


Goals & Strategies

So you can tell others about your work

  • Charting Impact questions (goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, progress)
  • Bronze and Silver level requirements


Progress & Results

So you can show the difference you're making

  • Share your progress and results with the metrics that matter most to your organization
  • Use our selection of common results OR create your own custom metrics
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold level requirements

Make sure institutional funders, donors, professionals, and the general public have up-to-date, reliable information about your nonprofit: update your profile today!

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